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  • Store apples in a cool, dark place.

  • Store apples in baskets, bins, or perforated plastic bags.

  • Spritz your apples with a little water now and again.

  • Never store apples in paper or in warm areas.

  • Be gentle with your apples. Bruised apples don't store well.

Did you know that apples need moisture along with coolness to stay crisp and fresh in storage? If you store your apples in a cooler or plastic bin, place a damp towel at the bottom before putting your apples in. Pour more water in on occassion to keep the towel moist. You'll find that your apples stay crisp and fresh for much, much, longer. Enjoy!

Freeze our cider and donuts for those long Michigan winter days. Just remove two cups of cider from the gallon before freezing.  Or freeze your cider in wide mouth, pint sized canning jars up to the "freeze" line. Thaw cider in the refrigerator at least 24 hours before use. Wrap donuts well before freezing and thaw in a microwave or air fryer for that just as fresh taste!

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