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Specialty Products


Non-GMO Heirloom Popcorn


Available in red or white, this heirloom popcorn is simply scrumptious! It's soft hulled and pops up tender and delicious, not tough and chewy like many varieties. It's not treated with tons of pesticides and it's grown right here in Michigan! You'll want to stock up for snacks during the long winter.



Northern Spy Apples


Northern Spys are a great apple for baking. They hold their shape well and remain firm and delicious in pies.  We are one of the few orchards in Michgan that still grows this beautiful apple. Delicious, and tart, Northern Spys are great for pies, cobblers, crisps or eating straight out of hand. Take care of your baking needs with this great apple!

Northern Spys ripen in October. Call ahead for availability.


Taste the delicate flavor of springtime apple blossoms in our honey! Light, fresh, and delicious. Enjoy it in tea, on toast, or directly from the spoon!



We carry  delicious Bartlett and sugar pears. Both are excellent for canning or eating fresh out of hand. Pears are available early in the season and are limited in quantity. Call ahead for availability.

Horse Apples/Feed Apples

Currently $8 bag.  Prices subject to change so call ahead. 


Ordering over 6 bushels? Call ahead at

(517) 589-8627

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